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Our Hospital History

The healthcare delivery centre’s in Kanpur are polarized in a particular locality in the west only. Considering this fact, our Chairman Mr. Raghvendra Garg came forward and established a state-of-the-art hospital having latest technology and world class expertise to provide quality health care to the residents of the south east part of the city. Krishna Super Speciality Hospital came in existence in the year 2011 with the infrastructure to work as a corporate hospital having tertiary care facilities. Krishna Super Speciality Hospital is one of the Kanpur's leading Hospital with mission to provide high quality medical services at an affordable cost to people around city.

At our clinic we practice individual approach to let the patients feel they are special.“

Welcome to the Krishna Super Speciality Hospital

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Krishna Super Speciality Hospital.
Chairman Message

Krishna Super Speciality Hospital (A unit of Geeta Health Care Pvt. Ltd.) is a Super Speciality Tertiary Care corporate hospital in Uttar Pradesh, which has been established in 2011 with a view to fill the wide gap between demands of high-class medical services and actually available services thereof. The hospital was established with technical consultancy. The hospital has OPD services in all specialties, 24 hours emergency service, Diagnostic services, in-house pharmacy services and in-patient admission facilities for 200 patients. The hospital has General Wards, Pediatric Ward, Semi- Private and Deluxe Rooms, Cubical Ward, Separate Burn Unit, 40 Bedded Trauma ICU, Medical ICU, Cardiac ICU, Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ICU, Dialysis Unit & Cath lab. The hospital is centrally Air-Conditioned including all rooms and General Wards. Round the clock diet and meals are provided to all patients free of cost under the supervision of Dietician. Hospital is having fully equipped 5 Modular Operation Theaters with laminar flow, zero bacteria air conditioning facilities, Heppa filter C-Arm, Laparoscope Microscope and OT Tables of BLANCO GMBH made etc.

" Krishna Super Speciality Hospital is one of the kanpur's Leading Hospital with mission to provide high quality medical services at an affordable cost to people around the city."

Mr. Raghvendra Garg

About NABH

Nabh is an acronym for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), founded by Goverment of India in 2006 as a benchmark for excellence in healthcare. NABH is based on the crux of clear & transparent policies and protocols that attempt to provide quality care for patients.

Benefits of NABH Accreditation

NABH Accreditation benifits all.
Patient are the biggest beneficiaries. NABH accreditation result in high quality of care and patient's safety. The patients get service by credential medical staff. Rights of patient are respected as well as protected. NABH Accreditation to a hospital simulates continuous improvement. It enables hospital in demonstrating commitment to quality care. NABH Accreditation elevates community confidence in the services provided by the hospital. NABH Accreditation provides an objective system of empanelment by Insurance Companies and other Third Parties.

Vision & Mission

Providing excellence medical care to our customers through our faith in values, integrity, respect, teamwork & innovation to achieve complete patient satisfaction through continuous quality. Providing Comprehensive, Caring and Cost effective Medical treatment Global standard, through a team of highly qualified and committed medical professionals with state-of-the-art medical equipments. Ensure ethical practice of Medicine upholding the philosophy that profit must only be a by- product rather than an aim, in the field of healthcare. Fulfill the social responsibility to the underprivileged by providing free of subsidies medical treatment. Krishna Super Speciality Hospital provides the best health care services to each and every individual at an affordable cost to commitment to achieve excellence in the treatment and rehabilitation of each patient.

Location Advantage

Krishna Super Speciality Hospital (A unit of Geeta Health Care Pvt. Ltd.). is strategically located in the city of Kanpur, which is one of the 10 largest metropolitan cities in India, and being the industrial and commercial capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh and is a major service centre for surrounding districts. It is 300mts from the Kanpur Railway Station (Central Station Ghantaghar) and 200 mts from National Bus Stand (Tatmil Bus Stand). There existed a wide gap between the demand of high quality medical services and supply available thereof, with a result that most of the patients are forced to go to other cities like Delhi and Bombay to obtain Medical care in corporate hospitals.

Team of Consultants/Professionals

Hospital is having 25 full time Consultants, 15 Visiting Consultants and 25 Residents with a team of professionals including Medical Superintendent, Manager Admin, Manager Finance, Manager Quality, Manager HR, Manager Pharmacy, Manager Front Office, Manager Billing, Manager IT, Manager Marketing, Manager Media besides 450 full time (i.e. 250 permanent employees and 200 out sourced employees particularly for Housekeeping) and 30 outsourced security person.

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